About Lake Links

Lake County is a beautiful place to live!  But the things that make it beautiful — the lake, the mountains and the wide-open spaces — also make it a challenging place to live for anyone who lacks their own vehicle, or the ability to drive. Elderly people and those with  disabilities are particularly likely to face mobility challenges that can  cause isolation and make it hard for them to access medical care, shop for groceries and medications, or simply get out of the house to enjoy companionship and the beauty that surrounds us.

Perhaps you are one of those people! Or maybe you are someone trying to find help for one of those people. If so, you have come to the right place!

At Lake Links, we are working to coordinate transportation resources in the County in order to meet your mobility needs in the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective way possible. We are in the early stages of this effort. Over time we plan to offer a growing range of services to help folks like you get from “A” to “B” in the best way possible. But we’ve made a start, and we hope this web site will help you connect with transportation resources that are already available.

Lake Links has been chosen as the brand name to identify the Lake County CTSA (Coordinated  Transportation  Services Agency). Lake Links is a non-profit public benefit corporation designated by the Lake Area Planning Council to develop and administer a County-wide coordinated paratransit/NEMT plan.

LAKE LINKS — It’s all about connections — linking people… linking places… linking resources!